Israeli occupation hands stop-work orders against four Palestinian houses in West Bank

2 weeks ago

WEST BANK, November 19 – The Israeli occupation authorities delivered on Wednesday stop-work orders against four Palestinian homes in the West Bank village of Kisan east of Bethlehem.  

Deputy chief of the village council Ahmed Ghazal said that Issa A. Ghazal, Majid Y. Ghazal, Omar Nabahin, and Hussein Abayat received stop-work orders against their houses on the pretext of lacking a hard-to-obtain building permit.

Meanwhile, Kisan has seen a fierce illegal settlement activity, including ordering a halt to the construction of a school, building roads for Israeli settlers only, and confiscating large chunks of Palestinian land.

Later on Wednesday, the Israeli occupation authorities forced Ayman Jaabis to demolish his own shop in Jabal al-Mukaber area south of occupied Jerusalem.   

Jaabis said he had to knock down the shop himself or he would have to pay exorbitant demolition fees for the Israeli occupation authorities.  

Jaabis explained that he had received several demolition orders against his shop and imposed hefty fines on him.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation authorities delivered stop-work orders against a number of Palestinian structures under construction in Shufat camp and Anata town in occupied Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli occupation authorities ordered a halt to the construction of a two-storey building under construction in the Ras Khamis neighbourhood in Shufat camp and a three-storey structure under construction in the as-Salam neighbourhood in Anata town.  

Israeli occupation soldiers photographed a number of the newly-built structures in the neighbourhoods of Ras Khamis and as-Salam, apparently in preparation for their demolition.