Israeli occupation razes several Palestinian facilities, bulldozes land in West Bank

2 weeks ago

WEST BANK, November 17 – The Israeli occupation army has demolished several Palestinian-owned structures in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israeli occupation forces knocked down on Tuesday a room in the al-Baqi'a area in the northern Jordan Valley.

Local official Moataz Bisharat said that the room is owned by Rami Bani Odeh.

On Monday, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished a Palestinian house and bulldozed a chunk of land in Khillet an-Nahla area in Artas village south of Bethlehem.

Hassan Brejeya, director of the Colonisation and Wall Resistance Commission in Bethlehem, said that the Israeli occupation army razed an 80-square-metre home and levelled a swath of land owned by Mohammed Roomi, who has documents of land ownership.

The Israeli occupation authorities notified Roomi three times of their intent to demolish his house, Brejeya added.

For years, the Israeli occupation has been seeking to depopulate and take over Khillet an-Nahla area by demolishing Palestinian houses and bulldozing Palestinian-owned land in order to expand the borders of the illegal settlement of “Efrat” and link it to the illegal settlement of “Tekoa” east of Bethlehem.

Earlier on Monday, Israeli occupation forces knocked down a number of commercial facilities at the entrance to Anata town north of occupied Jerusalem.

Anata mayor Taha al-Rifa’iee said that Israeli army bulldozers, escorted by a large number of Israeli occupation soldiers, broke into the eastern area of Anata town and demolished two commercial structures.

The Israeli occupation army razed another commercial facility including stalls selling vegetables a big structure with its walls used for the sale of second-hand vehicles and their parts, owned by Mohammed Hilweh.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces blocked the junction of Anata town in both directions, leading to a heavy build-up of traffic on the road.

On November 10, the Israeli occupation army knocked down a car wash, owned by Ibrahim al-Sheikh, in the town.

A report by Hamas’ Information Office in the West Bank documented 1,854 violations committed last month by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian citizens and their properties in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Over the past month, the Israeli occupation has razed 16 Palestinian homes, nine of them in occupied Jerusalem, and delivered demolition notices against dozens others in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.