Israeli settlers attack Palestinian farmers in West Bank

2 weeks ago

WEST BANK, November 16 – A group of Israeli settlers attacked on Sunday Palestinian farmers in the West Bank town of Yatta in southern Hebron and banned them from accessing their lands.

Local official Rateb al-Jabour said the settlers assaulted farmers from the family of Shawahin in al-Tha’la area east of Yatta and forced them out of their lands after unleashing their fierce dogs on them.

By tightening its arbitrary measures against them, the Israeli occupation is seeking to drive residents of Yatta out of their homes and lands.

Because of its historical and religious status, Hebron is the second Palestinian city after Jerusalem that is targeted by the Israeli occupation authorities through its illegal settlement activities.

About 30,000 Israeli settlers living in more than 50 illegal outposts in Hebron are seeking to tighten their grip on the Palestinian West Bank city.    

The Israeli occupation army has perpetrated 1,854 violations against Palestinian citizens and their properties in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem over the past month, a report by Hamas’ Information Office found.

The report documented 71 attacks committed last month against Palestinian citizens by Israeli settlers and 27 illegal settlement activities, including confiscating and bulldozing Palestinian-owned land, building roads for Israeli settlers only, and approving plans to build new illegal settlement units.