Israeli occupation seizes tractor, settlers steal sheep in West Bank

2 weeks ago

WEST BANK, November 14 – Israeli occupation forces confiscated a Palestinian tractor as Israeli settlers stole 20 sheep in the occupied West Bank.

Tayysir Abu Mifreh, head of Tuqu municipality, said that Israeli occupation troops broke into al-Arabiya area in the north of Tuqu, east of Bethlehem, and forced Mahmoud al-Sabbah to leave his land at gunpoint before seizing a tractor.

Al-Sabbah, who has documents proving his ownership of the property, was working his own land, Abu Mifreh added.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers stole 20 sheep from Tayba town near Ramallah.

Local sources reported that the settlers stole the sheep, owned by Faraj Kaabneh, when they were grazing in an eastern area of the town.

The Israeli occupation has confiscated 393 dunums of Palestinian land of Tayba town to build the illegal settlement of “Rimonim” and 22 dunums others to construct the illegal settlement of “Ofra”.

Over the past month, the Israeli occupation army has committed 1,854 violations against Palestinian citizens and their properties in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

The report documented 98 assaults by Israeli settlers against Palestinian properties, including confiscating and bulldozing lands, building roads, and approving the construction of illegal settlement units.