Abu Obaida: Annexation is declaration of war against Palestinians

5 months ago

Any prisoner exchange deal that does not include prominent Palestinian detainees will not be reached, Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson Abu Obaida has said.  

In a press statement on the anniversary of capturing an Israeli occupation solider by the Palestinian resistance in 2006, Abu Obaida stressed that the Israeli occupation “has to pay a price voluntarily or not.”

Making a new prisoner exchange agreement with the Israeli occupation is a top priority, Abu Obaida explained.

The red lines that have been crossed in Wafa al-Ahrar deal will be crossed again in any coming swap agreement, Abu Obaida continued, adding: “We will not bother negotiating for less than such price.” 

Abu Obaida pointed out that the Palestinian resistance had many options to make the Israeli occupation pay a price that is “unprecedented in the history of the Palestinian struggle against the occupation.”

As for Israeli plans to annex the occupied West Bank and Jordan Valley, Abu Obaida said that the Palestinian resistance considers such move a “declaration of war against the Palestinian people.”